Solution for Network Cable Unplugged

Sharing one interesting problem and very interesting solution.

One fine day while video chatting using skype, my ethernet connection got disconnected all of a sudden.

I tried everything to get it work. Changed the cable, changed the router, rebooted, rebooted to linux etc etc…Didnt work.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Later i found an interesting solution. Here it is..

1. Remove LAN cable.
2. Switch off router. Unplug it.
3. Shutdown your laptop.
4. Disconnect the battery.
5. Take 30 minutes break.
6. Comeback and reconnect everything.
7. And it works.

I dont know what caused the problem. Has it anything to do with skype?

And I dont know how this worked and which step solved the problem. I got this solution from here.