Sharing MTS USB internet with other computers

You can use MTS or any other USB internet connection with more than one computer. All you need is a router.

Here is the process.

Lets suppose there are two laptops. Laptop A and Laptop B. Laptop A has MTS internet connected.

1. Setup a LAN with your router. Make sure the ip address of your router is not . If so, change to some other like
2. Make sure you can ping Laptop A from B and B from A.
3. Now open Network and sharing center in Laptop A and right click on MTS USB Modem, click on Properties and go to Sharing tab.
4. Check “Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection”.
5. Select which network adapter you want to use to allow incoming connections. It can be a LAN or wireless adapter. The ip address of that adapter will be changed to .
6. Go to Laptop B and take properties of the network connection. Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.
7. Select “Use the following IP address”
8. Give the following settings.
Set IP address as
Subnet mask should be
Default gateway should be (This is Laptop A’s ip address)
Preferred DNS server should be

9. Thats it. You can use two computers simultaneously.


Only problem is you need a master computer which should be ON when using other computers. In tha above case Laptop A is the master computer.